Time has escaped me and life has taken its course. As such, I have neglected to keep up with this blog and of course I find myself with an old entry which clearly needs updating. I love capturing moments and images of real feelings and emotions. I am not the one you want if you need a posed photo. There are very many photographers who will do that very well. I am the one you seek if you want me to communicate in images what your life is really like. When you celebrate who you are, when you embrace your journey with all its flaws as well as the laughter and joy, your images come through with genuine appeal. I am there. That's what I am about. I want to show the fun, the tears, the emotion and the love. One day you will look back and the pictures that are going to make you laugh and tell stories, are not the ones where you went to a studio and placed some props to match your outfits. Your children will never talk about the time they went to the photo studio. They will remember the moments. I am here if you want me. I will be your memory keeper and I will be honored to capture your most amazing life. 



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